Save tens of $1000’s on building & fit-out materials and still achieve your luxury dream home

Discover how you can take the risk out of sourcing your building products and deliver a finish beyond your expectations

Well below Retail, even wholesale prices!

The secret is to start thinking like a major property developer

At Ship-Your-Reno we believe that your money is best staying in your pocket. That’s why we have developed a streamlined process built around relationships with factories, their owners and their salespeople to supply high end, quality products in low volume to both construction professionals and mums & dads alike. We can even help with consolidation and shipping if you need it.

Ship-Your-Reno delivers confidence and credibility to buying in china.

Our Recent Projects

What Makes us Different?


Ship-Your-reno is ‘standalone’. We have created a process to provide our clients big and small, a unique opportunity to save large amounts of money during their build or renovation without the risk. There is no other company in Australia offering this service to clients with single or small construction.

Potential Savings

The potential savings are huge. Buying directly from the manufacturer is the lowest possible price you can pay for a product. This is what SYR implements for their clients. Also the opportunity to consolidate goods into one container offers savings on shipping. Of course cost comparisons all vary due to the products bought for each project. It is common to save 30% to 40% on your fit out costs.

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Do you know how to identify a good supplier in China?

How can you minimise the risk?

If you’re thinking of sourcing products offshore, these tips are essential before you put your hard earned cash on the line