Ship-Your-Reno was never intended to be a business… The concept was born from us finding another way to make renovating our own home, more cost effective, and create an opportunity for ourselves where we could buy, renovate and sell property for greater profits, and own our own home faster.
Friends watched as we landed our container from China, and very quickly, after everyone actually saw the quality of the products, were asking us how they could do it themselves. And so Ship-Your-Reno the business was born! Now we help others by providing the information and trusted suppliers from 12 factories in China, to do what we did, and get ahead of the game!  
Founder of Ship-Your-Reno Bec Hann
Founders Bec and Craig Patterson

Knowledge is Key!

We have spent countless hours, and multiple trips to China, researching the best suppliers, visiting factories, and creating good relationships with the owners of the factories, to ensure our clients have a hassle free experience, with the opportunity to finally buy ‘what you want’ for your build or reno, instead of ‘what you can afford’! For most considering this concept it involves a great deal of risk, and that is why using Ship-Your-Reno eliminates this for you as we are on hand to help with any questions, and guide you through the whole thing should you need us for a simple sign-up fee of $2500. A small price to pay for your peace of mind!