How S-Y-R Works

We have 21 factories supplying different products. One the factories,  co-ordinates everything for you from other suppliers and gets it all loaded into your container. There is also an opportunity to source any other products not available from the factories available from our supplier list. Our contact in this factory can act as your personal shopper, and find the products you are after, quote them, and have them custom made for you.  Sourcing products in this manner does require additional research on your behalf…  you would really need to do your research and make sure you understand the specs of these items, the Australian standards of these items, and really understand what you are buying. EVERYTHING is available to buy in China, you just need to know the quality and specs of it. In essence that is what our fee of $2500 is for, we have taken the stress out of buying the products from our 21 suppliers as we have done our due diligence on those specs. So, our tapwear is watermarked (required in Australia), our kitchen specs meet requirements e.g. moisture – proof particle board etc. We are currently having a set of bifold doors tested to Australian standards or so they can be ‘signed of’ legally for a new build.  
Really, the sky is the limit, you can have literally anything you want.
We have 4 factories offering  different styles of furniture. One is  retro, one is  industrial aviation inspired, the other 2 are modern.